Error 99 da Canon 400d

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Error 99 da Canon 400d

Pq ocorre o erro 99 nas Canons EOS 400d?

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Se perceberes inglês faz isto:

1. Carefully clean the 8 gold color lens contact pins on the camera body
lens mount with a pencil eraser. Do this while holding the camera so that
any eraser dust will not fall into the camera.

2. Take out both batteries. Yes, there are 2. I had forgotten about the
smaller Date/Time battery. Also remove the CF memory card.

3. With the batteries removed, turn the camera switch on for 3-5 minutes.
He said that this clears the memory.

4. Turn the camera off and put the batteries and CF card back in.

5. Re-attach the lens and turn it back on.

espero ter ajudado ;)

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